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The best solutions are fast and easy.

Our very own FastDecal ® solution is a patented printing process for substrate-free visual accents.
FastDecal ® makes it possible to transfer images to your products and give them a fresh look featuring matt or high-gloss designs without lines, contours or excess surface feel.
Extraordinarily fast and gentle colour layer drying is virtually guaranteed thanks to a specially engineered drying channel. FastDecal® lets you apply different colour layers to your product in no time flat, significantly reducing production times.
FastDecal ® saves time and money while keeping you flexible at all times.

How water works for you.

WTA (Water-Transfer-Adhesive)

This classic technique makes it possible to apply a substrate-free decal using a special coating. The final step of the process involves using a peel-off coating to transfer the image in full and in the right size to the product to be decorated.
After drying, the peel-off coating can be carefully removed. The decal can now be fired on in thermal post-treatment or overlacquered by powder coating.

The right kind of sticky situation.

SWT (Sticky-Wet-Transfer)

As with a conventional water transfer, sticky wet transfer involves reverse printing the decal by placing the adhesive layer on the product and then applying pressure to gently secure it.
The reverse side of the carrier material can be removed just a few seconds after moistening it. The decal is then allowed to dry briefly before being overlacquered.
This process is used solely to decorate base coats.

Go dry, save water.

DT (Dry-Transfer)

Our innovative dry transfer approach saves water by employing a water-free transfer technique that uses substrate-free decals to decorate base coats. The decal is reverse printed onto a translucent material and is coated with a highly transparent adhesive in the end.
Pressure is gently applied to affix the decal to the product, which is then rubbed in using a felt squeegee with medium to firm pressure.

The decal clearly detaches itself from the backing layer.
Once the process becomes apparent, the carrying material can be removed from the decal. The decorative accent can be immediately overlacquered and is used solely to decorate base coats.

The water-free technique eliminates the need for time-consuming tempering and cleaning of the decal. And those are not the only advantages. The technique also makes it possible to avoid dirt and impurities associated with thermal treatments, such as a carry-over of the transfer layer.

Nobody does it faster..

our record drying time: 1,200 sec.

TWe have developed special processes to make sure you get the best quality every time. We work with specially produced inks, dyes and carrier materials.
Doing so allows us to achieve optimum results with low-solvent products that are designed especially for our drying channel.
This optimised combination of products and methods saves money and time by significantly reducing the amount of time we have to wait after drying before continuing processing.

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